1 floor house in 1500 square feet and 3 bedroom

₹25 lakh for construction


1 floor house in 1500 square feet and 3 bedroom

Are you tired in home searching and looking for a single storey house. Then browse our 1 floor house with 3 bedroom. It is a modern style house and very suitable to single family. Going details, we find many homes in our towns and villages with various designs and amenities. We might have thought the expenses that coming to built a home like that. Why not we try for a great home that can be built in low cost budget even though it looks like a contemporary home that was in your dream. We are not astonishing you, but telling a fact. Homezonline.in can bring you such a dream way all way.

Our homes database are full of newest and latest plans that can be built in various cost and categories according to customers mind set. Given to such variance, we provides the best in class designs of contemporary and modern homes. So single storey homes is another best googled category now a days that also falls under the low budget category, but it must be a delightful plan. So all contents in the plan should be chosen accordingly to fit in enough spaces and also making it spacious.

1500 sq ft house plans 3 bedrooms Kerala

Cute and small homes are most common everywhere and liked by many people irrespective of places. So making a plan that is like by many people will makes it always a little bit effort to be spend more. Perhaps the time taken to design may be longer than expected.

Here we got a plan with amazing exterior and shapes. The front view is abstract and modern. Sitout is small but good looking. Horizontal grooves are made on the walls to make it attractive. Box structures are used in walls to give modifications and box type walls are made to make good look on exterior. Roofing tiles are paved on roof and pergola splitting done in walls to enter light inside. This plan is so mind touching and grab able to built easily. Don’t wait to built this beautiful home.

Additional Details

Ground Floor  5. Kitchen
1. Sit out 6. Store
2. Living 7. Work area
3. Dining 8. Porch
4. 3 bed 3 attached  

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