Cute mixed roof home design in 1630 Sq Ft

₹27 lakh for construction


Cute mixed roof home design in 1630 sq ft

A cute mixed roof home design in 1630 Sq Ft with an elegant exterior. Are you looking for a modern  house. Check out our new trendy home in double floor. Simple home with simple sum is the aim of all among us. Isn’t it? So now we are presenting a visual treat of a best small home with all its royal characters.

This cute mixed roof home design done area is 6 cent land plot. Estimated construction cost is 30 – 40 lakh. It is 4 BHK home design and also included all the features like an modern double storey home. Sit out has vast space enough and more sitting places are available here. Supported with a pillar. Single panel windows and doors are arranged here, that are made by wood. Looking to the left side L shaped projection wall is designed. 

Cute mixed roof home| Modern home design

At the right side we get an show wall grey color wall tiles are pasted on it. Sunroofs are flat style. And here also we can see a projection wall near to the window. Moving to the first floor, beautiful balcony is designed here. Arc shaped flat roof and some pergolas done on the wall. more seating places are arranged here. 

Pergola designs done on the roof sides of balcony and sit out. Flat and gable roofs with gable vent are designed at the top. Roofing bronze are paved on the gable roof. Color combination of paint is awesome. White and brown color combination give more elegant view to this design.  And also beautiful yard is designed here. 

If you need more design like this just explore our other home designs. So don’t miss this plan and make it fast with little sum that you have with you. It is a contemporary design from Arc Builders. Share your ideas to explore with us. We will help you to fulfill your desire or passion of a comfortable home. Contact us and keep watching us. We will definitely show your dream home with us.

Additional Details

Ground Floor 7. Work area
1. Sit out First Floor
2. Living 1. 2 bed  2 attached
3. Dining 2. Living
4. 2 bed rooms 3. Balcony
5. 2 attached bath  
6. Kitchen  

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