2600 sq-ft 4 BHK mixed roof house design

₹43 lakh for construction



2600 sq-ft 4 BHK mixed roof house design

2600 square feet (258 square meter) (288 square yards) mixed roof house design with 4 bedrooms. Design provided by Shefi Bin Zaid, Malappuram, Kerala. This is a contemporary style design. projection cutting and show walls are more used here. 

Sit out has open style and supported with three pillars. It has vast space and more sitting places are available here. Windows and doors are simple to elegant made by wood. Pure white color are given more stylish look to windows and doors. And double panel door are used in sit out.

2600 sq-ft 4 BHK mixed roof house design with beautiful paint

Left side wall is designed very well, beautifully painted here horizontal grooves works are done here. And large box style projection wall is designed here, around the windows and wall tiles are pasted on it. Curved shape roof are used there.

Balcony is designed with simple and elegantly supported with a thick pillars. More seating places are available there. Two single panel windows and double panel doors are used here. Two horizontal line galvanized pipe work are done on the flat roof of balcony. Box style projection wall is designed around the all windows . 

The color combination of paint gives more variety look to this  2600 sq-ft 4 BHK mixed roof house design. Total land area provided for completing  this design is 8 cent land  plot. And single box style designs are done on the wall and it covered with glass. So it helps to entering more lights inside the home. And also  it helps to prevent insects for entering to house. 

Additional Details

Ground Floor 7. Work area
1. Sit out 8. Store
2. Living First Floor
3. Dining 1. 2 bed
4. 2 bed room 2. attached baths
5. 2 attached baths 3. Living
6. Kitchen 4. Balcony

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