3 bedroom home with modern roof design

₹30 Lakh for construction


3 bedroom home with modern roof design | Latest roofing design

Are you looking for a beautiful contemporary home with charming exterior? Homezonline has a vast collection of homes in this category. A contemporary home in mixed roof in 1900 square feet. A multi generation conceived home meets with the modern and traditional values for its residents.

The physical form of this home is a fusion of various geometrical shapes . A home with cubical and box type pattern along with traditional pitched roof design. This double storey house has 3 bedrooms . The total look of this 3 bedroom home  is very attractive and provided good lighting .

A night vision design has been given to this house. The main attraction of this home is of-course, the roof style of first floor bedroom. This roof brings an extra beauty to the house. A spacious open terrace is present to the front portion of this home, which adds an aesthetic beauty.

3 bedroom home design with modern style

3 bedroom home

This house has a spacious sit out, living room and a hall. 2 bed rooms are placed in the ground floor and other one is in up-stair  and an attached balcony has been given along with this room in front portion. Another specialty of this designs is its show wall. A lots of show walls are placed in various places, this gives an extra beauty to this design.

A cream and dark color combination has been given to the exterior of the home with a yellowish dawn lighting so that this gives a clean and classy look to it. If you want any further information then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ground Floor 7. Work area
1. Sit out First Floor
2. Living 1. 1 bedroom
3. Dining 2. Living
4. 2 bedroom 3. Balcony
5. Common bath  
6. Kitchen  

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