Modern luxury home design on a aesthetic decorating trend

₹47 lakh for construction


Modern luxury home design on a aesthetic decorating trend

Let us explore a modern luxury home design in 4 BHK house plan with all accommodation facilities with in double floor. People have their own dreams in mind. Do you have dream to build an luxury home. Then let us go through a beautiful home design.

This design is totally alternated from other house design. The exterior and the interior Shows more elegance for the home. The land area utilize for the construction that is 8 cent plot, total area with in 3079 square feet. Extra thickness pillars are designed in front of the thickness. As the same manner more pillars are used in porch. Porch is designed right side of the sit out. Open style sit out and porch are designed here. More pillars are used at the front area. All pillars are designed by using ceramic wall tiles. At the fourth portion of pillars are covered with tiles.

Modern luxury home design with in 3079 sq ft.

Windows and doors are made by wood. At the window portions supported wooden sticks are used. So we get an extra look to the windows. Porch roof is gable style and roofing slates are pasted on it. some  pergola done on the roof edges of the sit out roof. Right corner wall also designed very well. A large height show wall and horizontal grooves with square box designs are done on next wall.

Moving to the first floor simple balcony designed here. supported with a pillar and pergola done on the roof edges. Also some +pergola design done left side of balcony. And a show wall is placed near to the balcony. Three step manner gable roof are used at the top. color pattern roofing tiles are pasted on it. Galvanized railing pipe works are done in between the parapets.  If you like this modern luxury home design contact us , we will help you to fulfill your dreams or visit our site for getting more modern home designs.

Additional Details

GF Area  1954 Sq Ft
FF  Area  1125 Sq Ft
Ground Floor 7. Work area
1. Sit out 8. Porch
2. Living First Floor
3. Dining 1. 2 bed rooms
4. 2 bed attached 2. Attached baths 2
5. Beds with dressing 3. Living & Hall
6. Kitchen & store 4. Balcony

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