4 bedroom apartment on flat roof style

₹33 Lakh for construction


4 bedroom apartment on flat roof style

Beautiful 4 bedroom apartment on double floor. Let’s say this is a pergola house, because there are three pergolas are used this house. Even so, it makes the house more attractive. Total area is 1904 Square Feet (184 Square Meter) (220 Square Yards). 

This is a box style flat roof style design home. More pergola designs are done on the walls. Sit out has vast space and open style as like other designs. And supported with a thick pillar.  Half portion of this pillar is covered with cladding tiles. Windows and doors are made by wood. Two set of single panel window are designed in the sit out.

4 bedroom apartment style design in 1904 sq ft

Flat style projection walls are designed around the windows . Sit out is designed at the left side there are no walls to the left side and  on the right side wall 2 set of pergola designs are done. 3 pergola designs are done on the ground floor wall and also a box style projection wall designed around here , light shade color pattern cladding tiles are paved in this box . We get little place for planting here. 

Then 4 pergola design are done on the first floor wall.  Three step style flat roof designs are done on the top. And here we cannot see a balcony door. But we get some space  here. Three pergola design done on that wall . A thick pillar used to support that area. And glass with wood frame barricades are used here.

This is a apartment style home design, only white color  wall paint is is used here. But the window and cladding tiles color combination gives more stunning view to this 4 bedroom apartment style home. 


Additional Details

Ground Floor 7. Work area
1. Sit out 8. Store
2. Living First Floor
3. Dining 1. 2 bed 2 attached
4. 2 bed 2 attached 2. 1 bed with dressing
5. Common toilet 2. Living
6. Kitchen 3. Balcony

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