Simple single floor home design on 950 Square Feet

₹15 lakh for construction


Simple single floor home design on 950 Square Feet.

A Simple single floor home design in a area of 950 square feet. It is a elegant house in traditional Kerala style. This 2 bedroom home has a beautiful exterior with beautiful features. A combination of white and light green color uses for the exterior along with scarlet black roofing tiles. . Its stair room is highlighted with a flat roof.

The front door is open towards  living hall. Also this home has affordable living room, dining and kitchen. The estimated construction cost is 15 lakh.

Total construction land area is 4 cent and the built area is 950 sq ft. Total construction cost of this beautiful single home design is 15 lakh only. It is a contemporary slope roof design. 

Beautiful Simple single floor home

Sit out has vast space are available here for sitting purpose. A thick pillar is supported with sit out. it is placed  on corner. Windows and doors are simple to awesome, that made by wooden materials. Double panel door are designed here. Two set single windows are designed in sit out. Third portion of sit out is painted with different color. And also pergola designs done on the right side wall. Front area roof is slope style. We get an  vast space open terrace . And also pergola designs done on the stair room. 

The color combination of the paint is good, white and light brown color shade gives more awesome look to this design. And also awesome  courtyard is set here. Totally we get a simple elegant single storey home within affordable price. If you like this design, please check our page Homezonline for knowing about  more designs like this. 


Ground Floor 5. Kitchen
1. Sit out 6. Store
2. Living 7. Work area
3. Dining  
4. 2 bed 2 attached  

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