Amazing house plan in 1900 Square feet

₹31 lakh for construction


Amazing house plan in 1900 Square feet

Are you looking for amazing house plan ? Then look this beautiful modern home have an area of 1900  Sq Ft (176 Square Meter) (211 Square Yards) . If you are looking for the homes in new trends and a very cost effective design then this design will be perfect for you. This marvelous house design is provided by D-Arc Kerala. This double storey house have an estimated construction cost of Rs 23 lakhs

Most people looks for a better choice of home with its facilities matching with their dreams and needs. So mostly people choose double storey plan if the members are big in number. This plan has sloped roof design that suits the elevation. Roofing tiles has a textured design. The contemporary style has a foolproof design. Every can surely feels like this never going to fail anybody mind.

Modern amazing house plan 

The front entrance is little narrow, which limited to the space between two pillars. Pergola design used here for attraction. Large windows used to make the light entry more possible. 2 panels and 3 panel windows used with suitable places. Gable windows also used on the top floor where a gable roof used to give a beautiful elevation. Gable windows covered with glass in similar shape. A small balcony made available in the top floor with sitting space in the front area. The amenities have joined with the shapes to make a better design and plan.

2 living spaces are designed in this plan. 4 bedrooms are available with attached bathrooms. No space constraints are visible here since the allocation is done with right pieces of information and measurements. Exterior view gives an abstract design which is elevated. The designer has re imagined with the plot and made all possible changes with correct thoughts. So this plan is awesome for a 5 member family.

Additional Details

Ground Floor 7. Work area
1. Sit out 8. Porch
2. Living First Floor
3. Dining 1. 2 bed 2 attached
4. 2 bed 2 attached 2. Living
5. Kitchen 3. Balcony
6. Store  

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