Appealing mixed roof home design in 1300 Sq Ft

₹21 lakh for construction


Appealing mixed roof home design in 1300 Sq Ft

Have a peek thereto an Appealing mixed roof home with 3 bedroom. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a contemporary home and a modern home? There are some common features. While the terms modern and contemporary aren’t synonymous, they do have similarities. Both design styles share overlapping characteristics.

Here we bring a modern contemporary home design in 1300 sq ft and the required land area is 5 cent land plot. Estimated cost is 21 – 30 lakh. Here we designed open style vast space attached porch and sit out. That are supported with Extra thickness pillars. And half portion of these pillars are covered with brick style cladding  tiles. 

Appealing mixed roof home| 3BHK contemporary home design

An open style window is designed here. Some  pergolas are done on the wall of sit out. Sunroofs are flat style. Looking to the first floor we can see an open terrace instead of balcony . Galvanized railing pipe works are done in between the parapets. Gable roof with roofing bronze are used at the top area. That wall designed very well.

Simple projection wall is designed around the window and window is on modern design. Beautiful grey color paint also give more fabulous look to this wall. White and grey color combination paint give more stylish look to this simple mixed roof home. 

  Beautiful courtyard is designed here. And the color combination of paint is awesome. This home design is absolutely suited for a single family . If you like this beautiful budget double floor home contact us we will help you and check out our vast collections in different categories. 

Additional Details

Ground Floor 7. Work area
1. Sit out 8. Store
2. Living First Floor
3. Dining 1. 1 bed  1 attached
4. 2 bed 1 attached  
5. Common bath  
6. Kitchen  

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