3 Bedroom house with a beautiful house roof design

₹28 lakhs for construction


3 Bedroom house with a beautiful house roof design

Imagine that you are building a dream home with unexpected sum,what will be your feelings? Now we are taking your attention towards a 3 bedroom house with a beautiful house roof design. So don’t miss it, be with us .

A stylish 3 bedroom home with beautiful house roof design. It is a modern design suitable for those persons who are searching for a variety of home design. It’s total land area is 5 cent and square feet of the house designed here is in between 1500 to 2000. This beautiful contemporary double storey house have lots of projected show walls at its exterior. The complete exterior shows the extraordinary beauty of the house. It is build with a variety of shape that gives more attraction. The roof of the sit out is in arc shape and approximate to the sit out there we can see a porch which is designed by show wall.

Beautiful house roof design with a mixed roof

Through the main entrance we can move towards the next area that is the common space or living room which is full setted. The 2 bedrooms are closely situated with attached baths. Extended from there we can have a look to the dining room. The other door from the dining area is towards the kitchen,there hides the store room with limited settings. Next to the kitchen there lies the work area. Now let’s take a look towards the first floor, there lies a hall for rest and on the other side there we can see a bath attached bed. Instead of the rest area there is also having a balcony on the other portion of the house.

The roofing are mixed roof with a special feel of attraction. Along with this it is also having an eye catching colour combination. Are you ready to hard work for a stylish home design. Then never waste your time start doing it now. We will be there in your doorstep with all our best self. So contact us and continue following.

Additional details of 3 bedroom house

Ground Floor 7. Store
1. Sit out 8. Work area
2. Living  9. Porch
3. Dining First Floor
4. 2 bed 1. 1 Bed attached
5. 2 attached baths 2. Hall
6. Kitchen 3. Balcony

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