Best looking home design in 2700 Sq Ft on amazing decoration

₹43 lakh for construction


Best looking home design in 2700 Sq Ft on amazing decoration

Happy to present you a duplex home in elegant look. This best looking home design could be perfect you have been looking for area of 2700 sq ft.  This covers 2 bedroom with attached bath room, sit out,living,dinning,lite courtyard, kitchen,store and work area in ground floor. And balcony,hall and 2 bedroom with attached bath rooms in first floor.

This designed in flat roof  and it also make the house for a modern look. This elevation is built with 4 bedroom with attached bath rooms. It should be comfortable for middle and big family also. The tall windows are provided for better light into home. The house wall paint combination has done very well.Windows have shades from the outside. While they block out the direct rays of the sun.

Best looking home design

The first look of the home gives a tower look due to the projection border of the wall. The pattern gives a flat type view in the elevation. The structures used is flat roof and split walls. Horizontal grooves are used in the front walls. Sit out is open as common to all plans. Pergola design gives a ambient look to the elevation. Cladding tiles are paved on the walls in center. Box square structure work given in the center of wall.Sunroof of the windows are made projection and build in height.

Split area given in between as a model. Galvanized pipes are used to five railings in the balcony, open terrace barricades. Simple work of horizontal lines are used here. Also the color combination of the painting is chosen with light and dark color match. Porch is made in the center of the home. In sides pillars are made as single structure. Summarizing the elevation, the view of this duplex home gives mind blowing feeling. Homezonline regularly update plans on this category to make a effortless search for customers.

Basic details
Ground Floor 7. Store
1. Sit out 8.  Work area
2. Living First Floor
3. Dining 1. Balcony
4. 2 bed  attached bath 2. Hall
5. Lite courtyard 3. 2 bed 2 attached
6. Kitchen  

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