Best small home design in area of 700 square feet

₹10 lakhs for construction


Best small home design in area of 700 square feet

A best small home design with a elegant exterior. Are you looking for a modern small house. Check out our new trendy home in single floor. Simple home with simple sum is the aim of all among us. Isn’t it? So now we are presenting a visual treat of a best small home with all its royal characters. So come on and focus us with your thoughts and ideas. It will definitely help you to succeed your dream home.

A modern home with 2 bedrooms, one with attached bath. It can be construct with the sum you had saved for your dream fulfillment. The cost is only 10 lakhs. It is a single floor home with variety of attractions and design. The exterior of the house shows its sum total. The square feet that the can construct is in between 500 & 1000. The land area for this best small home design  is 4 cent. It is also a contemporary design set by Arc Builders. The roofing are flat and there is enough place in roof for other needs.

Best small home design with a elegant exterior design

In the front the is a small sit out with open area and it is situated in one side of the house. Afterwards we can see a living room with 2 bedrooms one opposite to the other. One is bath attached and a common bathroom for all. Dining area is attached with living area. Staircase is also situated in living area. There lies a kitchen with store room facility. In the top there sees the stair room and there extended the open terrace. The most important thing which gives the house its elegance is,its colour combination.

We are inviting you to explore our ideas on your dreams. Now give your thoughts on our idea that we share for you. This may be your dream home, that you are willing to do sometimes. we are pleasure to help you with all our potential. Anyway, Dial us immediately.

Additional Details

Ground Floor 6. Kitchen
1. Sit out 7. Store
2. Living First Floor
3. Dining 1. Stair room
4. 2 bedroom 2. Open terrace
5. Common toilet

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