Contemporary simplex home design in 740 square feet

₹12 lakh for construction


Contemporary simplex home design in 740 square feet

Beautiful contemporary simplex home design  for a low budget price. The total area of  this single floor is 740 square feet and the estimated construction cost is 12 lakh. This home can be construct in a area of 4 cents and suitable to  a single family.

Everybody looking for something different from others and unique designs , we are trying to bring different house models to you. Here  we introduce a contemporary style beautiful home design. Temple roof and flat roofing also used here. Vast space open style sit out is designed here supported with three thick pillars.  Fourth portion of Pillars are decorated with ceramic  wall tiles.  Sit out is arranged in L shape.

Contemporary simplex home design in unique design

Simple and elegant windows are designed here that made by wood. Single panel windows are used at the front sides. Double panel door is used in sit out. At the left side we can see a box style show wall. Beautiful ceramic wall tiles are pasted in it. Temple style roofing is designed here. Galvanized railing pipe works done on the small area near to this roof. Horizontal grooves with box style pergola design is done on the roof vent. In this picture we can see more plants are arranged on the roof. It increase the beauty to this design.

We get large space open terrace here, three panel window set and double door is also designed on stair room. Flat roofing is used on the stair room. The painting colour combination is also superb. White and green colour gives an elegant view to this contemporary simplex home design.  beautiful yard is set here. We get space for gardening. Totally the design is very attractive and eye catching. Visit our page  for getting more stylish and unique designs.   

Ground Floor 5. Common bath
1. Sit out 6. Kitchen
2. Living 7. Store
3. Dining
4. 2 bed 2 attached

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