Contemporary style home design and elegant interior

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Contemporary style home design and elegant interior

Today we have come up with a contemporary style home design with a fabulous design. This is a modern house with combination of colour and shapes that makes it more attractive. The porch roof is designed with rail in square shapes that is painted with black which is simple one. This has built up area of 2850 square feet with 4 bedroom. This is located in Tirur at Kerala.

The exterior portion of wall is used for garden. Now let’s enter into this beautiful home. Be checking with the sit out, it is a spacious one with four wooden chairs placed. The sit out leads to a utility area where two wooden chairs are available. Simple fall ceiling works is given here. Now we can check the living area where a cushion sofa with coffee table is available. We can see a wooden frame touch is used all over the area we explored here.

Ravishing Contemporary style home

The curtain used is simple and elegant. Simple ceiling work is used here also with ceiling l e d lights. This leads to TV unit area where a sofa unit is available. Here some show works are designed to make the room better. This leads to dining area where a table with 8 seating capacity is available. Here too a show case in wooden area is given.Simple and cute lighting are used above dining table. This is the washing area where the wall is designed in natural stone style without masonry work.

Moving to the bedrooms, Here we see a double cot with simple design. Wardrobe is available here in wooden frame. Second bedroom is similar to previous. A double cot and wardrobe is available. Moving to kitchen side, we see a modular kitchen with rack storage and gas top burner. Moving to first floor, we see a modular glass stair case. Now checking the room, we see room similar to all we checked previously. Here a dressing table is available. The fourth bedroom is same as third bedroom. All together we see a magnificent home in modular design with four bedrooms.

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