Contemporary super deluxe home with classy interior

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Contemporary super deluxe home with classy interior

Today we are presenting you a contemporary super deluxe home with classy interior and 5 bedrooms. On this residence two bedrooms situated in ground floor and three in first floor. And suitably paved outdoor landscape that adds the beauty of the art design, sprouted from the minds architect. This house has 4000 sq ft built area with the double story setup. This home located at Tiroor In Kerala and total cost is 1 crore. The exterior design includes the combination of paints and cladding stones, which exhibit the area of artwork in the wall itself Sit out is arranged with wood chairs in modern design. The peculiarity of this sit out is that it is in L shape and very spacious. Also the sit out is built in such a way that the full area of the yard is visible and is a scenery view.

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  1. tm Shashidhar

    Once again the location of this house and the expected cost. Thanks.

    • mujeebdaze

      Location is Tirur and estimated cost is around 90 lakh

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