Cute box model house design in 2400 sq ft

₹38 lakh for construction


Cute box model house design in 2400 sq ft

 cute box model house in an affordable way is you are looking for? Check out our blog to find out your dream home. If you want a Blueprint and elevation of this modern Cute box model house design in 2400 Square Feet (238 Square Meter). This beautiful Blueprint and house elevation is provided by Akbar Land Mark Malappuram.

Cute box model house design |Main attractions of this box type home

A box type home with a lots of show walls and flat roofs are its highlights. An elegant white and cream colour is used for this home.. Along with this some cladding tiles are paved here. Roofs of this home is something special, This have a projected flat roofs. Since show wall and projected roofs act as sunshade for this home. Hence there is no sunshade present in this home.

The arrangement of this home is quite interesting. Here walls are arranged in an irregular way. And obviously these are the main attraction of this home. This home have an attractive sit out with a lot of cladding works at its wall. Similarly the arrangement of steps to the sit out is gave in an unique way.

The steps are separately place in an area with a long show wall instead of giving it in the front portion. A flat roof with opening at its top as of pergola is give to the car porch. And the walls of the car porch’s raised up for the purpose of an open terrace. There a glass panel parapet along some plants are given. If you like this cute box type house,  or if you want to buy its floor plan.. Contact us along with the product ID.


Additional Details

Ground Floor 7. Kitchen & Store
1. Sit out 8. Work area
2. Living 9. Porch
3. Dining First Floor
4. 2 bed 2 attached 1. 2 bed  2 attached
5. Prayer room 2. Living
6. Common bath 3. Balcony

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