Delightful single storey home design

₹22 lakh for construction


Delightful single storey home design

Everybody likes this modern Delightful single storey home design at first glance. Because it’s roof styles are very attractive, porch designed in slope roof and main slabs are designed in gable and flat roof. In addition the brown and white paint combination are very impressive. Totally this is a very good home for those who want single floor houses.

This is 1200 sq ft 2 BHK Delightful single storey home design. 5 cent land area required for built. And the estimated construction cost is 22 lakh. Open style vast space sit out is designed here, porch is attached with the sit out. Porch is designed with pillars , pergolas. Slope roofing design is used on the porch and roofing bronze are completely pasted on it. 

Contemporary single storey home in 5 cent plot

Besides the sit out at the right side we can see a large heighten projected show wall. Beautiful color pattern ceramic wall tiles are paved on it. This design gives more elegant look to sit out. Main slabs are made by gable and flat roofs. And gable roof are decorated with the roofing bronze. We can see small pentagon style design at the area of gable vent.

Stair room is designed very well. Look like a box style with flat roof. Orange color with horizontal grooves design gives attractive style to this home. Near the porch we can see a show wall with ceramic wall tiles. White and brown color combination of paint gives more delightful view to this design. Vast space of terrace get at the back side of the stair room. All sunroofs like flat style and totally the structure of this design is box style. 

Beautiful courtyard is designed here. This home design is absolutely suited for a single family . If you like this Delightful single storey home contact us. we will help you and check out our vast collections, we are daily updated our site with new and modern designs in different categories. So keep touch…….

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