Elegant 2 storey house with stunning exterior

₹55 lakh for construction


Elegant 2 storey house with amazing exterior overview

Today, we proudly present before you, a elegant 2 storey house built in extra beauty exterior works. This form of plans are now entirely adapted by customers. Contemporary designs and structures are built in this plan. This duplex homes has all amenities with modern facilities. 4 bedroom with attached bathrooms and other common facilities like sit out with open area, living, dining, kitchen, work area and garage.

The design chosen for this home is box projection, box structure works in paintings, mixed roof style. Window sunroofs are made closed box with projection. A small portion of wall is made structure work. Roofs are slope and curved. Roof tiles chosen with color combination. White and brown color combination is a good view to this home. Pergola design is used in the balcony. Sunroof chosen is modern type.

Double storey home with eye catching exterior

This design is differ from other because of the porch are designed elegantly in front of the sit out. The out side view of porch like box style with  stunning design. wooden railing pergola design are done on the roof vent of the porch. Windows and doors are made by wood, which is simply awesome look. A thick large box style projection wall are designed on the right side wall. Grey color caddies are paved on it.

Gable roof  design used here , and color pattern slates are paved on it. Single window Dormer   design gives the more stylish look to the roof. An open terrace portion are available in front of balcony, boundaries of that portion are decorated with glass with wooden  frame. Siding of the gable roof are decorated with wooden caddies and a glass  window style design are placed on it.

And also outstanding courtyard is designed here. It gives the more stylish look to this build .Total area of this elegant double storey home design is 2980 sq ft and estimated construction cost is 51 – 60 lakh.

Ground Floor 7. Kitchen
1. Sit out 8. Work area
2. Living 9. Mini bar
3. Family living First Floor
4. Dining 1. 1 bed 1 attached
5. 2 bed attached 2. Living
6. Courtyard 3. Balcony

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