Extraordinary single storey home

₹21 lakh for construction


Today we have got a  Impressive flat roof home design with best exterior look. Here designer has taken a unique design of box model allover. This home designs are particularly  for single home design seekers. This one can be categorized modern contemporary flat  roof design. This home has all modern facilities are included. Sit out,  living, bedroom with attached bathroom, kitchen and work area are designed beautifully. The total area of this home is  1133 square feet without porch. Its a beautiful single storey home with an elegant exterior. All roofs are constructed in flat model.

Vast space area provided in sit out and two projection thick pillars are used here for getting extra look. So sit out is the main attracted place of this designs. Doors and windows are simply awesome and its dark wooden paint gives more attraction. And also left side window wall designed like thick  box , this box structure are projected  to the outside.  Dark grey color cladding tiles are fixed here . So the exterior view something more attractive.

Stair room are well designed here. It showing like square box and also designed flat roof, projected more areas of roof  to out side . Front side wall of the stair room  are decorated elegantly. Some dark color shade claddies are fixed third forth place  of the outside wall and remaining parts are designed with painting works. So we get a unique design.

And also right side windows portion designed by a modern look, Square type  thick walls are projected to the outside. Sit out area is open as compared to every plan. Wall décor works are included in this plan to give the exterior view something more attractive. parapet are decorated by using rails. White  and grey color combination paint gives more stunning look on this built.  Estimation cost of this modern single storey home is 20 -25 lakh. Everybody looking for something different from others and unique designs, we are trying to bring different house models to you

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