Flat roof design plan with attached porch

₹27 lakh for construction


Flat roof design plan with attached porch

A beautiful flat roof house design, This home can be built in an area of 1799 Square feet (167 Square Meter)  (200 Square Yard). It is a budget friendly home architecture . This flat roof design plan  can be built with an estimated construction cost of Rs.30 lakhs.

This home is a perfect simple house design suitable for the 5 cent plot. This beautiful design is provided by Design Arc. This home is very elegant in its look. A minimalist look is used every where of this home, though its budget friendly too. A white and grey colour combination is uses for this home, Show walls gives an additional beauty to this minimalist home.

Flat roof design plan with more window works

Since this home have a lot of show walls, they are painted in an ash black colour. Hence this colour go great with the white colour. Al though this home a classy colour combination, some cladding works are also gave at the the ends of the wall and in the areas of the show walls.

A beautiful balcony with white hand rails and pergola roof is give to this design. In addition to that some pergola show walls are also built from there , an ash colour is gave to this.  A spacious car porch is give to this home, so that you can park your vehicles here and a flat roof is gave to the car porch.

Along with this black colour railing is gave to the open terrace of this car porch. If you like this amazing house design, or if you want to know further details or to buy its floor plan, then kindly contact us along with the property ID of the design.


Additional Details

Ground Floor 7. Store
1. Sit out 8. Work area
2. Living 9. Porch
3. Dining First Floor
4. 2 bed 2 attached 1. 2 bed 1 attached
5. Common toilet 2. Living & Common
6. Kitchen 3. Balcony

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