Gorgeous single floor house

₹23 lakh for construction


Gorgeous single floor house in 1300 square feet

Single storey plans are widely seen and built by people today. So presenting you a gorgeous single floor house design in a area of 1300 square feet. It is a elegant house in  kerala style. This 2 bedroom home has a beautiful exterior with beautiful features.. A combination of white and black color uses for the exterior along with scarlet black roofing tiles. Its stair room is highlighted with a flat roof. The  plan begins with a sit out that will lead you towards the entrance.

Next enters beautiful and spacious living room will be the first place to greet you. The bed rooms with  attached bath rooms are located right next to the living room. The kitchen has a work area that is almost large as the kitchen itself. Stair  is situated near the living. The shelves are created in order to decorate room in addition to normal use. The dinning room is well designed and perfectly designed. Contemporary roof designs are used here.

Flat and V shaped roofing given a luxury look. One of the attraction of this built is v shaped roof ,other sides roofs are flat type . So this area is more attractive. Double layered fat roof designing given a awesome look of this design. Sit out is kept open and vast space. The  pillar are built with extra thickness.

A box type projection  model are used in the front side  window area. Pillar and window projection area designed  by using modern structure like cladding. And also windows and doors are designed by using wooden materials. At the top roof a variety style parabolic designs are used. It covered by glass materials , so it helps to entering more nature light inside the home. This top roof given a double storey home look. White and grey color combination of painting is also made a awesome view. The design of painting the wall as  separating into two portions is elegant. The exterior look of this home is amazingly superb. Construction cost estimated to 21 -30 lakh.

Additional Details

Ground Floor 5. 2 attached baths
1. Sit out 6. Common toilet
2. Dining 7. Kitchen
3. Living 8. Work area
4. 2 bedrooms  9. Stair room

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