Graceful single floor house built for 14 lakh

₹14 lakh for construction


Graceful single floor house built for 14 lakh

Today world peoples always want to built single storey home with spacious, Because most peoples are living in single family. So we always to try to bring beautiful single story homes with attractive exterior and interior design. Today we come up with graceful single floor house built for 14 lakh.

This is 2 bhk single floor home in 750 square feet and required land area is 5 cent land plot. It is a box style flat roof home design. Open style vast spaced sit out is designed here. More seating places are arranged here. Windows and doors are made by wood. 

single floor house in low budget

At the right side we can see a show wall decorated with beautiful ceramic wall tiles. Let us check the inside of the home. Here we see the living cum hall and space for TV unit, sofa set and wooden table and chars are arranged here. Now we can check the bedrooms. See the first bedroom arrangements. It is a spacious bedroom with attached bath. Moving to second bedroom, we see almost same design as previous one. This room has no attached bath. Next we checking the common toilet. 

Let us see the stair leading to the open terrace. Railing of the stair is done in steel .The wash basin provided under the stair case. The hall leads to the kitchen. Here we get fire place,  shelf, racks and washing area. Totally we can see a graceful single floor house in low budget. If any one wants to knowing more homes in this category, please visit our web site and channel You get more home designs and videos in different categories.

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