Latest roofing design with 4 bedroom

₹35 lakh for construction


Latest roofing design with 4 bedroom

Latest roofing design in area of 2100 sq ft and with a modern exterior design . This mixed roof home design comparatively fulfill all facilities according to our desires Trends get changed frequently in all fields. In construction it gets changed too fast before we realise. So to get the updated information about the changes and study them, we work with a team for you. We are at your place, when you need us. Homezonline has spread the plan availability to allover the globe with minimum deliver date.

Now, we can have a brief discussion about the plan we saw here. It’s basically a duplex home in contemporary style. When looking further each designs can be spotted out separately. Box structures, projection, open sit out, roofing tiles, show wall etc are now a days mostly used designs to make a sweet and attractive home. New type designers or architects feels free to design an elevation with their own capabilities within the plot constraints only. Customer never compromise on the exterior and interior look of the elevation. They will always need improvisation from designers.

Beautiful latest roofing design

Realising this customers eagerness,we have chosen the best home designers and architects with us. And basically it’s a team work, not a singularity decision.Talking about the exterior, we see mixed roof design. Slope roof find it’s ends with the show wall in the porch. Window sunroof projection is made thickened and attractively painted. Sit out has a square hollow in the left and right which makes people to sit here.

Cladding tiles are used in the exterior to make an attractive design. Pergola design used in the first floor with sunroof of windows. Horizontal grooves also used in the exterior to add beauty to elevation. Altogether this home has made a contemporary view to all those explore this type home. Foreign type homes are never bad taste, which is basically selected by all people now.

Additional Details

Ground Floor 7. Porch
1. Sit out First Floor
2. Living 1. 2 bed 1 attached
3. Dining | Common bath 2. Living
4. 2 bed 1 attached 3. Balcony
5. Store/ Work area 4. Common bath
6. Kitchen  

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