Lovely single floor house design in 1200 square feet

₹19 lakh for construction


Lovely single floor house design in 1200 square feet

A voyage through an modern lovely single floor house design. Do you all have a dream for constructing an home in your beloved desire? We can see different kind of house plans, but they shows high level budget. This house design is quiet varies from other home designs. Lovely single floor house design build with in 1200 square feet at 5 cent land area.

The exterior and interior behavior shows Fabulous view if the viewers. The exterior part of this single floor elevation behold porch, sit out, living hall, dining hall, store room, stair case, 2 bedroom with attached bath, work area, kitchen. Pillars are appeared on porch. Both the roofs given, Inclined roofs and flat roofs. Roofing style Contrasting from other home design. Slope roofs mostly given on porch and stair room. Both the rooms, sit out flat roofs are provided.

Lovely single floor house  modern  outlook

Main entrance from side of porch, steps towards the sit out. Living hall is the other utilized area.right side and light side 2 bedroom are located. One of the bed room is master bedroom. Circuitous stair case constructed. In dining hall wash base given. From dining hall it leads towards work area. In work area there is store room. Nextly the thrilling area that is our beloved kitchen. Chimney given for kitchen. White and grape paintings conferred for the walls of this beautiful house. Grey and white mixture painting for roofs. LED lights also afforded for getting more pretty for the viewers. A wonderful garden is allotted. Its all about the elegance of this single floor home design.
The constriction cost is about 19 lakhs only. Surely all of this can build poor budget home. Do not negligate to build such an beautiful home in our own wish. Please contact us. Getting more details read out our collections too.

Additional Details

Ground Floor 5. Prayer room
1. Sit out 6. Kitchen
2. Living 7. Store
3. Dining 8. Work area
4. 2 bed 2 attached 9. Porch

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