Low budget double storey house with ravishing interior

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Low budget double storey house with ravishing interior

Today we have brought you a Brand new, low budget double storey home with superb interior. This home is situated near valanchery, Kerala. The planning for making this home is really appreciable. All the area available in each room has extensively utilised for use. Exterior look of the home is made elegant with show wall which is also pillar to the porch. The grills used in between the show wall adds beauty to the exterior. Interlock is paved in the front yard.

Now we can explore this beautiful home. First on the front area we see an open sit out with enough spacing. Moving on we see a living area with a TV unit and Cushion sofa. Here a beautiful l e d glass light with Bluetooth feature is hanged. Fall ceiling work is done in simple work. Simple and elegant curtains are used here. Moving on to the dining hall, we see a wooden table with chairs and a bench placed. The splits on the wall gives enough sunlight to the dining area. The dining space is separated form the hall way with special wooden flooring. The roof of the dining area is made with second floor. A cool hanging light is placed here to give a warm light to table. A Hanging L E D in glass is placed here also.

Modern low budget double storey house

A courtyard with led strips is available in the hall way. The washing area is having a simple basin with a glass mirror. A warm L E D with 3 lights is given here. Storage cabin is available under the basin. Prayer area is made left to the washing space. Moving to the kitchen we see the modular kitchen with electric chimney . A small dining table is available here. Kitchen leads to work area where a traditional oven is available. Now we can check the bedrooms. See the bedroom arrangements. It is one opposite to other.

The bedroom ceiling has designed with gypsum and motion lights. Motion lights changes its colours by time frames. Bedroom is air conditioned and bath attached. Moving to second bedroom , we see almost same design as previous one. Ceiling work is done and also bath attached. Checking with the first floor, The stair rail is made is with glass and wood. Left to the second landing we can see a study area. Moving on, we see the hallway. The wall of this hallway is partitioned with glass. Hanging lights is placed in the hallway.

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  1. raju

    Full plot 2350 sqf or only building?

    • mujeebdaze

      2350 square feet is built up area not land area land around 10 cent

  2. Susan Benny

    Beautiful. Do build in other areas like Tiruvalla and Pullad?
    Or do you have any projects in these areas in similar budget?

    • mujeebdaze

      Please provide your contact details our team will contact you

  3. Shamla

    Need a plan

  4. shamla

    can i get a customised plan

    • mujeebdaze

      Whtsp on 91 9074 25 26 40

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