Modern decorative double storey home

₹35 lakh for construction


Modern decorative double storey home

Today HOMEZONLINE come up with new style modern decorative double storey home with contemporary roof design. This is a 4 bedrooms with attached bath home design and also included all modern amenities. The total construction cost of this beautiful design is 35 lakh and it has 2100 square feet in area. Required land area for this modern decorative double storey home is 10 cent plot.

Look at the exterior ,  we can see more projection walls and show walls. Here sit out has open style and get vast space . A box style like projection wall designs are done in front of the sit out. And also we can see a show wall here. Light color ceramic wall tiles are also pasted in it. Windows and doors are classy design and that are made by wood . Flat style sunroof are mainly used and box style projection walls are  designed around the window through out this design. So we get more attraction to the windows area.

Modern decorative double storey home with contemporary design

At the left side we can see a horizontal line projection wall with yellowish color. That are designed in between  the upper and lower windows. Look at the first floor we can see beautiful open style balcony supported with a pillar. And also get an small are beside the balcony with an open terrace. Galvanized railing pipes are used as an barricades. We can see the same railing pipe works on the top of balcony. Windows and doors are similar as the sit out. Some plants are placed here, so it gives an more attraction to the balcony.

Contemporary roofing are used in this design, gable and flat roof design. Beside the balcony some area of walls are decorated with horizontal grooves design and horizontal line with yellowish color. Color combination of paint also gives more stunning and modern look to this design. Awesome court yard is designed here also. Totally this is an outstanding design on an affordable amount. If you like this  modern double storey home design, don’t hesitate to contact us… contact us we will help you to achieve your dream… And also visit our webpage to get more elegant designs in different categories..

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