Modern single floor home in a traditional style

₹27 lakh for construction


Modern single floor home in a traditional style

Single storey plans are widely seen and built by people today. So presenting you a modern single floor home design in a area of 1600 square feet. It is a elegant house in traditional kerala style. This 3 bedroom home has a beautiful exterior with beautiful features.. A combination of white and black color uses for the exterior along with scarlet black roofing tiles. This home has a garage with sloped roof. Its stair room is highlighted with a temple roof.

The specialty of this home is the wide space in the sit out area. Its lengthened to the right side with no separation.  This home is very attractive and good looking. Each elements plays an important role in making the beauty to its extended highlight. So this single storey home gives a mind catchy look with all its facilities raised over.

Modern single floor home elevation plan

Pillars are made to give beauty to this home. Cladding tiles are pasted on the pillars with third quarter covering. Roofing tiles are chosen with color combination to the cladding tiles. It also gives a superb look to the elevation. Sit out is made open and double panel door is used here. It’s a type of ferra door and not wood. Large windows used to give enough sunlight inside home. Porch is built to the right side of the home.

Homezonline databases are filling day by day with single storey and contemporary designs. Users are mainly searching for this types. So we tried to give more designs in this category. With more types of shapes and structures used in different aspects and views. Homezonline designers find its easy to provide a greater plan because we had a team work with us. Single plan will never be great,but what if a plan is carved from a team of people. It will be the best. To get more details kindly contact us.

Additional Details

Ground Floor  5. 3 attached baths
1. Sit out 6. Kitchen
2. Dining  and prayer room 7. Work area
3. Living 8.Store
4. 3 bed rooms  9. Porch

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