Modern traditional house in 3 bedroom

₹24 Lakh for construction


Modern traditional house in 3 bedroom

Are you looking for a budget friendly modern traditional house? Check out this traditional cum modern house designs, The total area of this home is 1380 Sq Ft. Al though this house have the modern and traditional design combinations. 

Here a traditional seating hand rail (charupadi) and sit out steps are traditionally construct here. It is a very budget friendly double floor home in modern architecture. The estimated construction cost of this beautiful home is Rs.24 lakhs.

This fantastic design is provided by D-Arc Builders. Since its a traditional home, a lots of decorative works are built up here. Sloped roof is given here as in traditional homes, as a result of this a long sit out with charupadi is its main highlight and several tile cladded pillars are placed in sit outs for instance.

 Modern traditional house |external features

A stunning design works at gable area gives an to additional beauty to this home. The external features of this home is noticeable. We can see a lot of decoration works such as show wall, inclined sunshades, plastering works etc. Flat roof is chosen to the sit out area. Hence, we get an open terrace at first floor. Similarly  balcony is also see in first floor.

More over, an olive green and white color combination is used for the external walls. In addition to that, a beautifully landscaped garden can be seen on surrounding. Hence the open terrace in front of the balcony can be utilize for enjoying the beauty of the nature. This home has 3 bedrooms with attached toilets. If you like this design then contact us for further details and for its home plans. Check out our another categories and explore much more from HOMEZONLINE.


Additional Details

Ground Floor 7. Store
1. Sit out 8. Work area
2. Living 9. Porch
3. Dining First Floor
4. 2 bed 1.1 Bed attached
5. 2 attached baths 2. Hall
6. Kitchen 3. Open Terrace

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