Pitched roof house in a beautiful exterior design

₹36 lakhs for construction


Pitched roof house in a beautiful exterior design

We all have a dream that to built a beautiful and stylish home with all over desired features. A stylish double floor pitched roof house in a beautiful  elevation design with modern slop roof style.it is having only a single roof styles and this house has 4 bedrooms with attached bathroom, living area, dinning hall, visiting hall etc. This is a best option for the persons who are searching for a construction cost of 36 lakhs. Although this house have a beautiful porch and a wonderful garden. The total area of this pitched roof house was 2200 square feet.

This modern house has beautiful features like, pergolas, cladding etc. The entrance to the living room is from both hall and the kitchen. The roofing at the front is double layered and at the center the similar slop and double layered roof is provided. The exterior look really makes elegant with the green and cream color combination. The exterior look depend upon our wish. This color combination gives the house a royal touch.

The cladding works in exterior much more stunning. The total outlook of the house have an eye catching power. The car porch of the house stays at the side and it has a flat roof style. The pergolas in the car porch gives a classy and minimalist look. It has a flat roofed sit out which is attached towards the car porch. Overall look of the house gives an attraction to this house.

Pitched roof house design with Trending exterior 

Another specialty of this house is it’s show walls, stylish green, cream combination show walls are constructed from the ground level towards the window functionally for the sunshades. This makes an extra style to the design. It has an open terrace which gives a fresh feeling and a calm atmosphere. The roof of the sit out in the top covered with glass.  The designing will make this home in to an another level.

We can construct our dream home in 5 to 7 cent plot with our hand cost 36  lakhs. If you want to fulfill your dream with desired features come soon and check out all our other collection too. If you like this pitched roof house  under 36 lakhs construction cost, than don’t hesitate to contact us. Never miss this golden opportunity, do it right now. The all over features shows the royal behavior of ours.

Additional Details

Ground Floor 7. Store
1. Sit out 8. Work area
2. Living 9. Porch
3. Dining First Floor
4. 2 bed 1.2 Bed attached
5. 2 attached baths 2. Hall
6. Kitchen 3. Open Terrace


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