Ravishing flat roof home design in 2030 Square Feet

₹33 lakh for construction


Ravishing flat roof home design in 2030 Square Feet

A home must be spacious and enjoyable, so we must take care in planning of a home. Explore our ravishing flat roof home in area of 2030 square feet. Also our plan must be budget friendly and include all necessary requirements. When we think of a place to live, we wish to have all the best requirements to fit our tastes. Basically generations are kids, teenagers, youth, and old aged people. So generally we have all of them together, as this forms a family.

Care and proper planning to design the facilities, first we need a dream. Then we have to study for any mistakes in the planning. If found yes, discuss with some experts in the field. Then find a solution that replaces the faulty area. Here we have a ravishing plan in flat roof that can be chosen by any one because it has all the basic amenities plus new trend designs. 

Best flat roof home design with amazing exterior design

Doubts are never raised in this plan due to excellent planning. Each area and corner are touched with magical pen of our artist. All the new trends like projection walls, temple roof, fall rails, box structures together forms this amazing home. Yellow color paint is selected allover the area and a suitable color, may be say brown light for the railings and wall somewhere here and there.

Exterior portion had a good appeal over the viewers. Porch is made with one car park only. This elevation has consumed an area of 2030 square feet. So it had to be a good and spacious plan on the top head. So speaking of that criteria, we had used each portion with quite stable planning and design. Pulled box structures find a place in this building to give ravishing beauties.
Summary of this nice home gives a good feel and comfort to live in this plan.

Additional Details

Ground Floor 7. Work area
1. Sit out 8. Store
2. Living 9. Porch
3. Balcony First Floor
4. 2 bed 2 attached 1. 2 bed 2 attached
5. Prayer room 2. Hall
6. Kitchen  3. Balcony

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