Single floor home elevation with 2 BHK

₹19 Lakh for construction


Single floor home elevation with beautiful exterior design

We would like to introduce a stunning single floor home elevation . Our goal is getting designs to suit your needs . The total area of this home is  1000 square feet without porch. Its a beautiful single storey home with an elegant exterior. This stunning single floor home architecture have an estimated construction cost of 19 lakhs. This fantastic Design is provided by D-Arc builders and developers and a mixed roof is choose here. Mainly included areas sit out, dining, 2 bed attached bath, living, kitchen, store and work area.

Outstanding single floor home

It is a simply stylish single floor home . Sit out have designed simply open style and a thick pillar are placed right corner. some caddies are placed third portion of pillar. At the outside view sit out like a box. It is contemporary style home. Windows and Doors are made by wood  and double panel door are designed. U shape projection walls are designed around the right side window .

Left side wall of front area are beautifully designed , projection walls cutting styles and caddies are designed here. So this portion is really eye catching .  Flat and curved roof are used for this design , so this design is different from others. Instead of parapet here we used gi pipe railing .

Another attraction of this home is outside wall of stair room . this area is beautifully decorated.  Third portion of this wall are designed with horizontal lines and it painted very well . And remaining portion are designed with large size window, and that area are covered with glass with wooden boarder.

So it helps to entering more light inside the home. And a simple  projection box style design are build on the  left side of roof  and caddies are placed inside of it. If say in one word it is a simply outstanding single floor home in affordable amount.

Basic details

Ground Floor  5.Living
1. Sit out 6. Kitchen
2. Dining 7. Store
3. 2 bedroom 8. Work area
4. 2 attached bath 9. Stair room

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