Single floor home with charming outlook

₹20 lakh for construction


Single floor home with charming outlook

Browsing for a small single story house? Do all like to build an amazing home design with huge variety of exterior styles. Homezonline bring a best Single floor home with charming outlook. At first all out lookers notice mainly the exterior appearance of a home, it have an eye catching power. A fabulous garden setted in front of this home.

The exterior out look of this flat roof home design should be splendid for the viewers. Box type rooms and houses are nowadays trending. Here designer has taken a unique design of box model allover. The color combination is also made awesome.

Small 2 bhk single floor home design in an 1100 area

The total built up area of this Single floor home with charming outlook is 1100 square feet, required land area is  6 cent land area. The estimated construction cost is 20 lakh.  Open style normal sized sit out is designed very simple style. Two panel window and double panel doors are done in sit out.

At the right side we can see two style awesome show walls, one is decorated with  painting work and other is decorated with horizontal  grooves line designed ceramic wall tiles. It is a large sized show wall reached the terrace. We get some planting area here.

Stair room is designed very elegantly. Small sized layered flat roof are used here. We get vast spaced open terrace with railing pipe barricades are done here. White and black color combination of paint bring more classy and charming look t this Single floor home with charming outlook design.

It included all modern features like other single floor homes, it included sit out, living, dining, 2 bed with one is attached bath, common toilet, kitchen, work area, store and stair room. It is suitable for a nuclear family. Every one attracted its exterior design. If you interested on this home design, please contact s…


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