Single floor house elevation model with a best front view

₹20 lakh for construction


Single floor house elevation model with a best front view

Today introducing best single floor house elevation on a modern exterior look . If you thinking about a stunning single storey home, no doubt you can prefer this design. Because the outdoor view of this home is very attractive and suitable to single family. It is a beautiful combination of show walls, pillars and cladding tiles.

Single floor home plans are mostly liked by everyone. If designer has created some contemporary style to add beauty to this plan, what it will be like. Dreams comes true with us. Stay with and achieve your biggest dream in life of having a awesome home.

On the first look itself, what you feel? Eye catchy, isn’t it? We might stare at this model for sometime for sure. OK no more waiting, let’s discuss the features about this home.

Good looking 3 bedroom simplex home

It’s a 3 bedroom plan in single floor with a construction area of 1100 sq ft. Estimated construction cost is around 20 lakhs. Plan consists of a sit out, living, 3 bedrooms with attached bathroom, dining, kitchen, work area, store room and stair room. Pillars are the most used structures in this design, which is quiet a remarkable view making factor. When looking for the porch wall, we see its a show wall design with cladding stones pasted beautifully.

Similar type show wall is built as the porch pillar. Here it’s 2 in number and also pasted the cladding stones. The sit out extension is given in L shape which is a superb idea. Large windows are used for adequate lighting and its of stainless steel rod type. This design is not much complicated with difficult structures. These are quite simple models that cab be built easily with supervision. The frontal area of room is given a glass piece for lighting in the corner of the roof.

So summarizing on this plan, I suggest every one to take it in first place and build it. Because there is no further thinking required on plan like this having a astonishing view from every side. Stay tuned for more plan like this from us.

Basic details 

Ground Floor  5.Kitchen
1. Sit out 6. Store
2. Dining 7. Work area
3. 3 bedroom 8. Stair room
4. 3 attached bath 9. Open terrace

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    Can you take up The construction in Andhra Pradesh

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      Sorry currently our service not avaialable

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