Small duplex house design with best outdoor view

₹35 lakhs for construction


Small duplex house design with excellent outdoor style

Today we have a detached Small duplex house design on eye catching external design and in low budget. Total construction cost is estimated to 18 lakh and area is 950 sq ft. This an impressive house elevation suitable for single family .This is a 4 BHK double storey home and get all features like other designs.

Sit out is small and open area. A pillar is placed corner of the sit out. porch is designed left side of the porch. Porch designed with two pillars. Glass wall is used here. And a show wall is done three by fourth portion of the left side wall.  More portions of wall is covered with glass. 

Small duplex house design with unique outdoor view

Horizontal line pergola design are done on the sit out wall. And these type of designs are done on the right corner of the walls. A thick projection wall is designed here and also color pattern caddies are paved on it.

Main roof like to the gable roof. And dark color slates are paved on it.  vertical pergola designs are done on the gable roof wall. All pergola designs are covered glass with frame. There has no windows only glass frame works are done on the walls instead of windows.

At the left side wall some cutting works are used and  some pergola design with glass frame are done here like  as the  front area designs. The color combination of paint and caddies color gives more elegant look to this design. Only 5 cent land area are needed for built this unique stunning house.




Basic details
Ground Floor 7. Store
1. Sit out 8. Work area
2. Living First Floor
3. Dining 1. 2 Bed 
4. 2 bed attached 2. 2 Attached bath
5. Common bath 3. Foyer
6. Kitchen 4. Hall

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