Small home with enticing exterior design



small home with enticing exterior

Now a days peoples more searching a small or single floor home with beautiful exterior decoration. So we are trying to bring single floor with unique design in font of you within your budget. Today we present a small home with enticing exterior.

It is small flat roof home design with good features. The total built up area of this small home with enticing exterior is 850 square feet. Required land area for this beautiful home is 4 cent plot. Estimated construction cost is 15 lakh.

850 sq ft small home features

It included sit out, living, dining, 2 bed with attached bath, kitchen, work area and stair room. And it is a box style home design with beautiful color combination paints. Walls are completely with white color paint and slightly brown and grey color paint is touched at the roofing vent area.

Open style normal sized sit  out ia looking very pretty. A extra thickness pillar is supported the sit outwith grey color paint. Two panel door and windows made by wood, awesomely designed. Beautiful brick style caddies with stylish window are done at the right side wall along with L shaped cutting wall. Decorated wall look like embedded in it.

All sunroofs are flat style, stair room is designed very simply.v White and grey color combination paint used on the stair room. We get vast space open terrace here. Normal parapet and vertical pipe lined designed used as an barricade. Awesome court yard is set in font of the home. Some gardening spaced are available near the sit out.

Totally it is a  out standing home design with simple exterior work. All are impressed at the first sight. If you are liked or built this Small home with enticing exterior home, please contact us. And also visit our website for more details and getting wide variety collections of home designs….

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