Small house front design on a beautiful design

₹14 Lakhs for construction


Small house front design on a beautiful design

A charming home with a beautiful and elegant exterior home design is you are looking for? Check out our new trendy home in single floor. This Small house front design can be constructed in an area of 900sq ft. 2 bedrooms are included in it with a spacious hall sit out and kitchen. 

2beroom home, which satisfies and meets all the modern amenities is found in this home. If you have a small home, then this one will be perfect match for you! ok

A beautiful exterior featured home with a contemporary exterior. A white and Dark color combination is uses here for an attraction. This attractive have a show wall with dark brown color, similarly a pipe like structures are place just above the sunshade portion.

Small house front design with elegant exterior

This beautiful white color will be an eye catching one. Similarly this home have a flat roof and with a stair room in the top most portion. This one looks closely related to a box type design is one of the trendiest one and this one has a very cool and attractive exterior features.

Sit out has open style and vast space are get here.  A thick pillar is designed to support the sit out and fourth portion of this is painted with brown color. Windows and door are made by wood materials.  A box style projection wall with railing design on the top is designed on the right side of the sit out.  Flat style sunroofs are used here. Double layered cutting flat roof are designed on the top.

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Additional Details Small house front design

Ground Floor 6. Kitchen
1. Sit out 7. Store
2. Living First Floor
3. Dining 1. Stair room
4. 2 bedroom 2. Open terrace
5. Common toilet  

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