Small modern home design on a beautiful decoration work

₹18 lakhs for construction


Small modern home design on a beautiful decoration work

To live In a place we love the most, with a small modern home design built in a single floor with almost every features. No doubt, we are looking the best home built in single floor with a small budget of 18 lakhs only. We can go in detail about this. Home is built in contemporary style with flat roof as main roof and porch roof as slope. Split window roofs are built to make the exterior modern.

In the first look, anybody falls for this home. Because its suitable for a single family with two or three members and its cost effective though. Designer has taken efforts to make the design spacious and fabulous as well. Anybody can built this home for low budget in Kerala. Its suitable to climate of Kerala. Can make cost effective by choosing the right product based on your needs. So all together this is a right home for everyone looking low budget.

Eye catching small modern home design

Small homes never gets trend out due to its competency of spaces and features available within a low amount of cost required. So people who loves these types are getting bigger day by day. They need variations in the exterior and interior to this type of plans. So comes the role of homezonline to design such elegant plans for you. Also we had a wide collection of home designs of these types readily available in our database too. Further customized and trend marking designs are made available to you on the day its getting released out.

Spaces may be little smaller in these types, but will be standard size type. If it needs some modifications, then the budget goes higher then 18 lakhs. Material selection has got a drastic role in the construction. Widely choosing the cheapest and best quality material will make the home a better construction to be moved in.

Basic Details

Ground Floor 5. Kitchen
1. Sit out 6. Work area
2. Living 7. Store
3. 2 bed rooms First Floor
4. 2 attached baths  1. Stair room

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