Stunning double floor bungalow design on awesome roof design

₹40 lakh is estimated cost


Stunning double floor bungalow design on awesome roof design

Most of the society is looking for modern bungalow designs. So we included a Stunning double floor bungalow design with 4 bedroom . In modern world we can’t keep away the double story houses as simple house. So designed a aesthetic home in trending model.

Kerala is familiar with all climatic conditions. To withstand the effects of this climates, designer should take efforts to chose the right shape and structure for your beautiful home. Today we have a duplex home with mixed roof designs and box sunshades. Let’s go details of this elegant home. I can assure you this is just an bungalow design with its exterior and interior view. Flat roof and slopes are chosen to meet up the needs. Show wall is built along the outline of balcony.

This home has 4 bedrooms. All bedrooms are bath attached.
Available features of this home in ground floor are sitout, living, 2 bedrooms Bath attached, kitchen, dining, work area and store room. First floor contains 2 bedrooms and those with bath attached. A living space is also available in the first floor.balcony is available. Roofs covered with roofing tiles. Walls are covered with cladding stones in a few areas. Projected sunshades from the wall, base to the top of first floor window in the box type makes a super view.

Attractive double storey home design

The color combination of white and brown are awesome enough to give a surprise look. Even the cladding stones pasted are brown shades. These design cannot be considered as a simple duplex home since some of the aesthetic shapes Are seen in the plan. Total construction area is 2200 sq ft. Porch is attached to the sit out to the left side.

No railing are used in the sit out as we see in most designs now. Open sit out is trending model as of now. Estimated Construction cost of this home will be around 40 lakh and price may vary according to place and material availability.

Basic details

Ground Floor 7. Work area
1. Sit out 8. Store
2. Living First Floor
3. Dining 1. 2 bed rooms
4. 2 bed rooms 2. Attached baths 2
5. 2 attached baths 3. Living
6. Kitchen 4.  Balcony

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