Traditional kerala style house in great looking design

₹22 lakh for construction


Traditional Kerala style house in great looking design

Here’s a house designed to make your dreams come true. This house is composing a new dimension for traditional kerala style house.  This house seems like a tiled roof house in the outside view but the tiles are fixed on concrete slab.The single floor is expected to cover an area of  1300 sq ft with 3 bed room attached, common bath, sit out, living, dinning, kitchen, store,porch,open terrace and stair room.

. The traditional homes have a old touch in the appearance of the elevation. We at homezonline provides our customers whatever they are searching to find related to make their dream come true about their home. So no matter what you like, may be its traditional home, modern home, contemporary homes, detached or semi detached homes etc… We are here to help you find the better among the all. Now the steps towards the sit out. From sit out to next to living. And next area is utilizes for dinning and deviates in to two bedroom with attached bath. Kitchen is the next part and store room is also there. For the construction of this beautiful home requires 22 lakhs

Beautiful Traditional Kerala style house

This home’s wall is made rough in texture works. This can either be done in cement or paint. The mosaic structure seen in early ages are used here with some changes made. The sit out is not open here as in modern types it is kept open. The sit out is covered with small height wall and wood works attached to it.  Large windows are used in this home. The middle of the windows is made big with no separation. This makes light to enter the home very spaciously. The roofing tiles are paved in the homes with old touch tiles. This types are widely used today in modern homes also with color changing.

Traditional homes find its space between modern and young people to adapt a peaceful living. Homezonline helps people to find their dream home. When we are around, keep dreaming, we will help you achieve what you dream in mind. Our designs are budget friendly and plot friendly.

Additional Details

Ground Floor 6. Kitchen
1. Sit out 7. Store
2. Living 8. Porch
3. Dining First Floor
4. 3 bed attached 1. Stair room
5. Common bath 2. Open terrace

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