Traditional two storey house on modern roof style

₹47 lakh for construction


Traditional two storey house on modern roof style

This traditional two storey house is very suitable to someone who wants a modern and simple design home. It is a excellent flat roof house with 5 bedroom , prayer room, porch and a big sit out etc. Total area of this house is 2872 square feet and approximate construction cost is 47 lakh.

If you need more than this design just explore our other home designs. You can find the different style of houses like flat roof , sloped roof, single floor , Kerala style, contemporary etc.  Here we can see Open style sit out and porch supported with thick pillars. Third portion of these pillars are covered with beautiful grey color ceramic wall tiles. Porch is also attached to sit out and designed in front of the sit out.

Traditional two storey house on modern roof style with outstanding view

We can see some pergolas on the sit out wall instead of windows and covered with glass with wooden frames. Single panel door is used here, so the sit out is simply elegant design. Boat shaped extra thick roofing also used here. More cutting works are done on the  roof edges. So we can feel extra thickness to roof. Moving to the right side we can see show wall like box style around the windows and  a show wall at the corner side also.

At the left side we can see an another simple sit out supported with pillars. And we get seating places here . Double layered roofing used at the ground floor. Moving to first floor we can see some pillars same as ground floor. And get two balconies at front area and left side. Gable roof is designed here at cut style. Grey color roof  bonze also pasted on it. And gable vent also used on the gable roof. Only white color paint is used here. But the combination of roofing tiles and wall tiles also given an out standing look to exte4rior view. This is an traditional two storey house, if you like this type modern traditional home , contact us and also visit our site for more designs like this.

Additional Details

GF Area  1931 Sq Ft
FF  Area  941 Sq Ft
Ground Floor 7. Work area
1. Sit out 8. Porch
2. Living & prayer First Floor
3. Dining 1. 3 bed rooms
4. 2 bed 2 attached 2. 3 attached bath
5. Common bath 2. Living
6. Kitchen 3. Balcony

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