Tremendously beautiful double storey home with mind blowing interior and exterior design

₹21 lakh for construction


Tremendously beautiful double storey home with mind blowing interior and exterior design

Today we come up with a new tremendously beautiful double storey home with mind blowing interior and exterior design. It is a 4 BHK home with all modern facilities. Let’s check the interior and exterior. The exterior work is done very uniquely.

The total Built up area of this Tremendously beautiful double storey home is 2150 square feet. Required  Land area is 10 cent . And the renovation Cost is 21 lakh .

Traditional stone decorative works are dine the most area of exterior wall. Vast spaced sit out is supported with the four pillars and also pillars are designed with stone work. Plant with pots are arranged the front area. Totally the outside view of this home is very attractive.

Traditional style renovated home

Now we are going to check the interiors, windows and doors are designed very stylishly made by wood. The adjacent wall of the windows and doors are decorate with wood and remaining wall area are done in stone design. More seating places are also available here.

Moving on, we check the living area. Beautiful sofa set with tea table are arranged here. Ceiling works are done in traditional style by using wooden materials. Next we are entering the dining area. Vast spaced dining area is designed very neatly. Beautiful table sets and washing area with storage cabins are arranged here.

Hanging bulbs and other interior decorating items are increased the beauty of dining area. This is the first bedroom, Check the settings. A small study area is arranged here. This is the second bedroom. Double cot bed, attached bath and wardrobes are available here.

This is the third bedroom same as previous one. Decorative works are differ from the other bedroom. Next we are going to check the kitchen. It is designed very neatly with modern settings. More storage cabins and racks are set here.

A small dining table with chair, refrigerator and wash basins are arranged. This is the stair area, glass with wooden frame and black flooring tiles are bring the stylish look to stair case.

Here we get a small and beautiful living area. This is the fourth bedroom, settings of this bedroom is same as previous ones. Now we are completely check all the area of this stunning home. Hope you are enjoyed this home tour. Feed your valuable comments in comment box. Thanks for watching…..

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