Two floor house design with 4 bedroom attached

₹42 lakh


Two floor house design with 4 bedroom attached

A Beautiful 4 bedroom attached two floor house design on a night view. It is a mixed roof  double floor home architecture with an estimated construction cost of Rs. 42 lakhs. The total area of this house is 2553 square feet. (ie, 237.18 Square Meter)  (283.66 Square Yard). You will never dislike this fabulous design . This beautiful Design is provided by D-arc builders.

Two floor house design with classy look

The main highlight of this home is its exterior color combination. This has a classy look because of its light ash and dark ash color along with the mixed roofs. A curved arch roof is given to the sit out along with that a some cladding works and square box structures.

A long straight wall with full of cladding work is using for one of the end portion of this home. In addition to that a flat roof is also given. A gable roof is using for the rest portion of this house. Similarly sloped roofs is giving at the top most  portion of this house. This house an elegant balcony with black railings.

Two dormer windows are given to the gable roofs hence this will give an additional beauty to the home. Similarly a wall cladding wall with alternative small opening is given. There fore this will make the home much more elegant.

The over all look of this home is very awesome. If you like this home or if you want its floor plan or have any queries then kindly contact us. And Check out house designs in another categories too. HOMEZONLINE has the best home collection for your desire.


Additional Details

Ground Floor 7. Store
1. Sit out 8. Work area
2. Living 9. porch
3. Dining First Floor
4. Bedrooms 2 1. Stair room
5. attached baths 2. 2 Bed 2 attached
6. Kitchen 3. Open terrace with balcony

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