Very spacious double storey house

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Very spacious double storey house with best interior

Are you looking for very spacious double storey house. Let us explore a beautiful double storey home. As we enter the main door comes Dining area, thereafter the Living area ; the staircase has no railing, of course woodwork is fabulous and the railing may spoil the finish of wood work, then we can have the railing on the left as we climb, young or old we definitely need railing.

The wardrobe space too less, certainly the occupant will feel the pinch when shifting in itself. The kitchen and kitchen work area fantastic, the housewife can lie down and cook. Overall, I will rate 80 out of 100.

Above everything, we definitely need at least 3 Cleaners/Helpers on full time basis for cleaning, upkeep and housekeeping – don’t you think so ?? I wish the Owners to be “All the very best”

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