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Our goals is ensure enchanting 3 bedroom house designs for your dream homes and provide the house designs suitable. We are using freshest ideas to bring better house plans according to requirements of people. You can find best designs from our updated collection. This type of homes not small, a family can live very well. We updating the modern houses in different styles and we are concentrating on changes and making the designs according the change. Our house designs are more focused on creativity and utility.

Double storey homes that are designed for more than 3 bedrooms for a large family are the next collection of homezonline. We are very proud to present before you the 3 bedrooms design collection to choose from. Browse through the designs and fetch your home that is locked with your eyes. No worries, if you got any doubt regarding any plan, kindly give us a mail.

Elegant 3 bedroom house designs with amazing exterior view

The designs are trendy and cost is high compared to single storey. We don’t need a big plot if we are seeking for a double storey plan. Better foundation is required and it can be used for building the first floor in the best utilized way. The windows, doors and other materials used can be changed accordingly with ones desires. Cost may vary accordingly. Here we have got the extreme variant collections of slope roof, gable roof, flat roof designs which includes garages too.

To know more about the details of plan, please select them and go through the context given. It will clearly give you a brief and seamless view of the given plan. The designs are never ending. So are the homes. Every day a new design is generated from a designer mind. So we will update the collections and keep you updated. You can dream through the eyes of homezonline. We are with you, live better, made through us.

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