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Best houses based on construction cost 10 – 20 lakhs

Find the best home designs under the construction cost of 10 – 20 lakhs houses and choose your house from our collection . Are you searching for budget houses, then you can explore a lots of designs here. We are providing creative space utilized house designs, plans and interiors and also designing house design on Indian , Kerala and European style.

You can explore modern home style and homes with variety roofs like flat roof, sloped roof, gable roof mixed roof . Our website is an exclusive collection of single floors and double floor houses. We included many categories based on square feet, plot size.

Most of the people look for this category. So we are presenting the wide collection of this designs to you. This homes can be included of all basic amenities and some interior and exterior works. Sit out, living, hall, kitchen, work area and 2 bedrooms can be build in his budget. One of the bedrooms can be planned with attached bathroom. This collection comes under slope roof, flat roof and mixed roofs. This category find its appealing to everyone’s mind and mind blowing.

Best 10 – 20 lakh house designs

Are you looking for budget homes? then explore our 10 – 20 lakh house designs. You can find the best roof styles of home. The sunroof can be spitted and made slope. Roofing tiles can be chosen with medium budget. Porches can be added additionally. Single stroey homes having these facilities can be built for high budget and low budget.material selection achieves the right budget for you. If you have a low budget, then widely chose the materials for door, windows, plumbing, lighting, height of wall, thickness of wall, stones for wall etc.

If we live happily in a space where it finds all facilities required to meet our needs, its a great living. We provide such plans for our customers through our portal. No customer is going out sadly from homezonline. We put our maximum effort to create such a beautiful plan for you.

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