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Houses based on construction cost 5 lakhs – 10 lakhs

Looking for a budget friendly house design? Find the best houses from the range of  construction cost 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs. You can explore the modern house plan and designs suitable to your budget. We give you the right design for your budget. Specialty of our design is creative design with maximum space usage.

HOMEZONLINE gives you the desired design as in your mind.. Whether you need a single storey home with luxury amenities or a simple minimalist home? Or a modern cozy home.. we have a lot designs in variety of criteria.. Choose your dream one from our collection and contact us for further details. Most of the people go for the small and utilistic homes to be build. Single storey plans can have low budget if the area of construction is widely chosen. If it comes under 1000 sq ft, you can have your dream home for dram budget.

House below 10 lakhs kerala design

Widely speaking of the plan, it consist of 2 bedrooms, a hall,a sit out and kitchen. Living can be accommodated within the hall space. No porch can be added to this plans. Exterior designs can be modernised with contemporary materials. For a simple and small family, it is suitable to have a single storey plans with this amenities. Material selection and thickness, height and width of foundation, wall, other structures can be widely chosed to withstand the climate.

Doors can be used of particle wood or plywood. Front door and back doors can be of wood. Windows can be used of ready made panels built in cement or fabricated windows. Electrical works to be reduced by giving natural light entry to home maximum. Also chose the plumbing works according to needs. In the selection of tap, faucet and other materials, take a study of different companies and which will give you cost effective. Lighting points also to be choose wisely to reduce cost.

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