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60+ Elegant mixed roof styles house designs | Modern mixed roof plans

Are you looking for something new to your home? Did you bored with traditional old flat roof or with sloped roof. Then you can go for something new mixed roof styles. The mixed roof styles are modern trends in house design. Designers are combining different roof styles like flat, sloping and gable roof to bring better results for their output. Home is a dream for everyone and they wants to make it in most beautiful. People are searching for new house styles and changes, to be different from other houses.

These styles are the one with designs including traditional and modern styles. Houses looks extra ordinary in the polygonal shape roofs like slope, curve, flat, gable roofs etc. These type of houses are the trending style in modern world. By constructing your home with mixed roof the house looks unique and your home looks outstanding. Mixed roof house design contains all types of roof and not contain all. But if the plan is a double storey mostly all roof can be clubbed together. For a single floor design, only two or three roof designs are possible at the most.

Best Kerala mixed roof styles house designs

Mixed roof designs are ideal for double storey homes. So if you are planning to build double storey home, choosing the mixed roof house design will be a great milestone. People find it astonishing with the parabola design as roof which is covered with glass. Everyone needs this design now. They are choosing this to have light ambiance while evening.

Free times can be spend here if balcony roof is made so. It will really bring happiness to home. Roofing tiles must be paved on the roof except flat one to give the elevation view abstract and simplistic. If you find the right home from homezonline, we are happy to serve you to get the right supervisors for you.Contact with us through the portal for more details.

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