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A roof is something which covers upper part of our house especially from rain. They are the integral part of any construction. We think the flat roof house design are most used roof style in the world. Roof shapes will differ greatly from region to region. Browse our flat roof house designs from our best collections. Flat roof houses are the ancient type and very famous in its model. We can design simple houses on a flat roof. It is cheapest compared to the sloped roof. A flat roofs level is almost same to everywhere and its slope is approximately 10 degree.

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This types roofs are built in arid regions ie, the area with less rainfall. Usually flat roofs are built in masonry or in concrete so that they will prevent heat of the sun and this are commonly used roofs for commercial buildings through out the world.

Flat roof are easily built with less labour work than other roofs. Care must be taken to prevent the leakage due to rainfall if its built in rainy areas. Waterproof solutions are mixed along with the cement mortar to avoid leakage. The slope roof is expensive compared to flat roof. Slope roof must be paved with roofing tiles to prevent the rainfall leakage. So basically flat roof is economic than slope roof.

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Climates get changed seasonally. So we have to take care of the different seasons we will have to face in the home we built. Care must be taken while planning the design and structure of the home.Commercial buildings are built in flat roof since the levels are more required. Design of this flat roof buildings looks simple and standard. Globally the structure is regularized with the design. Kindly explore the vast collection of flat roof design from homezonline and clear the doubt of having a beautiful home

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