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Kerala house design is very acceptable house model in south India also in foreign countries . One of the most well-known style of kerala is nalukettu. It is a traditional style of the Kerala. Explore variety designs from our collection. Modern house roofs looks great in style with sloped roofs pitched roof  and flat roofs etc. But the Kerala designs are apart from all styles. Because the kerala houses are giving a special attraction and tradition. A variety of home designs are developed in this category.

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HOMEZONLINE  brings you the best of our collection in kerala house designs. Our talented exterior designers designed best yet trending and demanding house designs according to the clients desire. Nevertheless of your try to built a fabulous and sweet home can make you one among our favorite customer. We get the correct updates from the civil field so that if any changes are coming to the plans, we will get notified first. Our team has been trying tremendously from bottom of their heart with sincere effort.

Homezonline team has the best designer staff with latest technology thriving day by day. We never betrays our customer by giving false search results. We give the best in class only. The search results can be filtered using categories provided. There we are given many home plans with all types of roofs, pergolas, show walls etc. Cladding stones and roofing tiles are used in most of the plans. Large window homes,full glass type windows, fabricated panel windows etc are some categories available. Mostly the single storey homes have a foreign touch of colonial homes.

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Colonial homes have no boundaries separations. They are built in spaces and kept free. There will be some pathway, parking facilities available. Traditional design take more views from the foreigners, even though they are not able to built it there due to material availability and building structure. Block type flats or homes are most commonly used in foreign countries.

But in India, flat concept is not well developed. So they go for building a home to live as per their dreams. Homezonline customers find it easy to come with a plan and create it.

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