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30 and above modern sloping roof designs

A roof is something which covers upper part of our house especially from rain. They are the integral part of any construction. Different types of roofs are present but it has been selected according to the climate. Roof shapes will differ greatly from region to region. Depending upon its shape we can categorize roofs  like Flat roofs and sloping roof designs and contemporary etc..

Sloping roof  house designs are always popular and demanding one in Kerala. Some people are looking for this style houses for every time. This designs are very suitable for rainy season in Kerala. It is one of the traditional roofing system too. Also we can design very beautiful house designs on sloped roof and this are still using nowadays. Sloping roofs offer the benefits that it adds the insulation between the roof space and interior of the room and reduce the temperature inside of the rooms than in flat roofs. More over a sloping roof will provide shades to the house and looks much more bigger .